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7 Reasons I Love My Kindle Paperwhite & How It Remarkably Transformed My Life!

The Kindle Paperwhite transformed my life from a depressed chronic illness patient to a less stressed chronic bookworm. I love to discover new books and authors and hope this Kindle Paperwhite review helps you become a chronic bookworm too! 


Note: This post contains affiliate links as indicated by an asterisk. Purchases from these links provides a small commission to me at no extra cost to you. My review is based on the 2012 Paperwhite but the newer Paperwhites have more memory and are waterproof! Check Amazon’s site for full feature details.


7 Reasons I Love My Kindle Paperwhite and How it Remarkably Transformed my Life! Enduring life with a chronic illness is one of the greatest challenges I've ever faced. Here I share how the Kindle Paperwhite helped me overcome my depression, learn more about my chronic illness and have the resources I needed to make a positive transformation in my life.


I was jealous of my oldest son. I started reading to him as a baby and as a kid, he was a voracious bookworm. I couldn’t get enough books for him to read, we had to keep going to bigger bookstores and libraries to find new books that interested him.


I was also overwhelmed, depressed and struggling to keep up as a mom who worked outside the home full-time with 3 small boys and a chronic illness that caused me a lot of pain. I wanted to be able to get lost in a book like my son could. I knew I needed to decompress after a stressful work day to get to sleep. I had to find a way to escape the reality that brought me down. I needed to find hope.


The day came when I was sucked in by the first book I couldn’t put down and suddenly I was on a quest to find more books like it. When I got my first Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, my life started to transform.



My Superhubby bought me an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite* for Christmas in 2012 and I absolutely love it! All these years later and the Kindle is still one of my prized possessions, it ranks up there with my cell phone and Macbook. Instead of writing a love poem about how much I love my Kindle, I decided to give you Top 7 Reasons why I love my Kindle and how it transformed my life and how it can transform yours too.  

The Kindle has transformed my reading habits and helped fuel my addiction to reading. Reading is no longer something I TRIED to do instead of watching TV before bed, it’s what I MUST do before bed. Reading helps me escape from reality and  clear my racing mind so I can get to sleep faster (unless of course, I just can’t put the book down).  

Now I turn to books whenever I need help.  Whether it’s a book that will help me learn about my chronic illness, how to deal with strong willed and gifted sons, or just to explore different cultures as I travel the world in books, the reading has helped me transform my life for the better and yes, the Kindle Paperwhite helped me get there.

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Kindle Paperwhite Review – Top 7 reasons Why I Love My Kindle:

1. It’s light.

With Rheumatoid Arthritis, my hands are misshapen and I have difficulty gripping things. The Kindle* is often lighter than a paper book and not as bulky or awkward to hold. Any paper book over 200 pages is difficult for me to hold, how many great books would I miss out on just because I couldn’t hold it? 


2. I can read in bed until the wee hours of the morning or in full sun at the beach! 

When I’m reading in bed, I can prop it up on the mattress in its cover* (I don’t even have to hold it). I keep the Kindle on the lowest light setting, that way it does not disturb Superhubby while he sleeps and I read, some nights until 3 am! It’s easier on my eyes too than reading on the ipad was. 

Even when we are at the pool or beach in direct sun, I just adjust the light setting and can still read perfectly with no glare. We traveled to Spain and I took my Kindle* and read Outlander on the beach while the kids wore themselves out. Perfection! See?


I love taking my Kindle Paperwhite to the beach because I can still read in full direct sunlight without a problem!


3. A complete portable library.

It fits in my purse so I always have a TON of good books with me! You never know how long a wait will be in a doctor’s office so best to have my own books to pass the time. I have over 200 books on my Kindle right now and I have not run out of space yet! 


4. Instant purchasing.

It’s easy to purchase books off Amazon (including the free ones and even newer books from the Prime Lending Library*) and moments later it shows up on Kindle. No waiting for books to be shipped to you or the hold at the library to come in. 


5. Library downloads with no late fees.

While there may be a little bit of a wait to get a book, there is usually something available now to download from our public library with the Libby app or the Overdrive app. When the due date passes, the book automatically disappears from the Kindle so I can avoid those annoying little late fees. Let’s face it, I don’t always make it to return books to the library on time and we borrow a lot of books. 


6. Tracking notes and quotes.

Note taking and highlighting quotes are very helpful when writing book reviews. It’s much easier for me to just highlight/type than having to use a pen and paper to jot it down (and potentially lose the note). If you’re a book blogger or a professional blogger, let’s call the Kindle* a necessary business expense 🙂 


7. Translations and Dictionary.

I love reading books set in other countries and this feature comes in very handy to translate a Spanish or even a Chinese word I didn’t know! Of course, I love the dictionary feature too to find definitions of words I don’t know.


Helpful Tip:

Only turn on the Wi-Fi setting when you need to download a new book. Keeping the device in airplane mode not only saves the battery (which allows me months between recharging) but it also helps me keep library books a little longer until I’ve finished reading them. 

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I thought I’d be a loyal paper book fan, but there are so many advantages to having the Kindle* . I’ve easily read three times as many books a year since I got one. I have over 200 books on my device right now and it’s so great to have them all at my fingertips for whenever and wherever the reading mood strikes! 


Enduring life with a chronic illness is one of the greatest challenges I’ve ever faced. I could not believe how the Kindle Paperwhite* helped me overcome my depression, learn more about my chronic illness and have the resources I needed at my fingertips to make a positive transformation in my life. I wish the same for you

Do you prefer reading a paper book or an e-book? Do you have a Kindle? What simple tools have made a surprisingly positive impact in your life? How has reading changed your life?


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  1. Great tip to save on the battery life. I need to start turning off the wifi. My Paperwhite is older so the battery doesn’t last as long. I love my Paperwhite Kindle too. I keep it in my purse to read whenever I have a few minutes.

  2. You’ve listed all the reasons why I love my Kindle! I love the dictionary function because when reading physical books (which I prefer) I always have a dictionary ready, Kindle solves this problem for me.

    The anti-glare and the portability is probably the best features I love about my Kindle. I take the thing everywhere.

  3. I just got an ipad and I love it for some of the same reasons you love your kindle. I love the ipad because I can do everything I do on my computer on the ipad. Pay bills. Blog. Play music. It’s not as portable as a Kindle but it is much lighter than my Macbook Pro.

    1. The ipad I had is what actually got me hooked on electronic reading. Always thought I was a paperback girl before that but it’s just so convenient and I can read into late at night in bed without disturbing the hubby. The ipad met with an unfortunate kid’s foot to the screen and cracked it 🙁 No one is getting near my Kindle!

  4. I have a Kindle Paperwhite and absolutely love it, too! I also have the Kindle Fire. The Paperwhite is my favorite to read, though. I’m almost completely changed from physical books to e-books. Something I thought would never happen. My reasons are pretty much the same as yours.

    1. Hi Yvonne, I am glad you love your paperwhite too. It is so easy on the eyes, it’s incredible. I have almost completely changed too. Only if I need a hard copy of the book to read it in time for a book club meeting, will I read a paper book anymore. It’s amazing how quickly my views and reading habits have changed in the 2 months since I’ve had it. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I was sceptical before I got my Kindle, but this post highlights a lot of the reasons I have become a convert! I read a lot of journal articles as part of my work, and being able to convert PDFs and read them on the Kindle (even if the formatting is a bit weird sometimes) is a huge help – much better than having to read from my computer! I like that I can try out free ebooks if I feel like reading something new, and it’s brilliant to be able to take with me wherever I go. I catch the train to work and it’s a lot easier than carrying around a heavy book. Great post!

  6. My Mom wants the Kindle Whitepaper..and I have the Kindle Keyboard but for my personal lifestyle, I am saving for the Kindle Fire HD. I would stop taking my laptop with me on trips and use the KindleFire instead. Plus, I have a lot of digital magazine subscriptions that I could read on the Fire.

    Being able to take out e-books from the library is really cool. I forgot about that.

    I’m stopping by from Create with Joy’s Friendship Friday Linky. Have a great weekend!

    1. The Kindle Fire HD sounds pretty cool and I’ve heard good things about it. I had an Ipad2 when I got the Kindle Paperwhite and it was like a mini laptop. It met with an unforuntunate foot-stepped-on-it incident which sadly cracked the screen. I really just use the Paperwhite for reading. Hope your mom enjoys it if she gets one!

      Thanks for stopping by from Friendship Friday! Such a fun linky!

  7. I still haven’t gotten an eReader, but I have the Nook and Kindle app for my laptop (which has a smallish screen). Reasons #6 and #7 are the main reasons I will probably start reading more eBooks. I would love to highlight quotes that move me, and make notes while I read – not something I will ever stop and do when reading a print book.

    1. Yeah there are some gems of quotes in these books, tidbits you want to keep with you. I can’t rely on my memory to remember so it’s nice going through My clippings on the kindle which accumulates all my highlights and notes in one place. Have a great night and thanks for taking time to read and comment Tanya!

  8. Also love my Kindle (I have the oldest version so no internet, just an e-reader). Want to know a trick? If you haven’t finished the library book yet, keep the wifi off and read, read, read! They can’t remove the book without the wifi being on!

    1. That is an AWESOME tip! Thanks Rebecca! I wonder if turning the wifi off would save battery. You really just need it on when syncing up books. I was hoping In The Woods for your and Allison’s book club would be ready for me to download from the library but no such luck yet. I got some time before I have to request paper version.

      1. It saves a ton of battery! I only turn on the wifi when I am going to get a book sent to me.

        And while it is a little sneaky, it’s not like you are keeping books forever. It’s just a way to keep a book a little longer so you can finish reading it. It’s just a part of the Kindle, it’s not like I made it up or used some sneaky method to figure it out. Wifi off means your book can’t leave. 🙂

  9. I have had my Sony e-reader for just over a year now, and I enjoy all the advantages you mention. Still, I prefer a paper book, it’s nicer to handle, to browse, and the look of it in general. But when traveling, I find my ereader so much handier!

    1. I know what you mean Judith, I’m a sucker for a book with a pretty cover. While I try not to judge people for their looks, the same can’t quite be said for books 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me!

  10. I agree and LOVE my Kindle, as well! I find that I only read hard copies in the daytime because I’m spoiled now and have the lightweight ereader for when I’m in bed. My parents bought me one when I had my first hip surgery because they didn’t want my husband to be running to the store every day for a new book! It’s amazing!

    1. Agree with you completely Allison. I am pretty much a strictly nighttime reader, only if I have a doc appointment or I’m on vacation will I read during the day unfortunately. That is so sweet of your parents to get you a Kindle and even sweeter that your hubby would consider running to the store to buy you a book a day!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Vicki, I think it’s worth the investment but you can probably tell that since I droned on about how much I love it! 🙂 What are you reading now? Have a good weekend!

      1. I’m currently reading What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty (hardback), next I’m going to read The Broken Path by Cami Checketts on my Kindle.

  11. I love my Kindle too, Tanya – for all of the reasons you listed. And for two other reasons.

    When my finances don’t allow for book purchases, I can grab free ebooks to read. When I’m watching art journaling videos, I no longer have to move back and forth from the computer to my art table, which are in different rooms. All that back and forth, with my fibro and disabilities, was painful.

    I’ll still acquire ‘real’ books, especially my art and craft books, but my Kindle is a blessing too!

    1. I agree with you, I love free Kindle books and have gotten some good ones free.

      Sorry you have to deal with Fibro, what’s up with our immune systems? Thanks for stopping by Cynthia!

  12. I could not agree more. I was skeptical when I got my first Kindle years ago, but I loved it immediately. Since I got one, my Kindle is my favorite thing. The paperwhite is my 3rd Kindle and by far my favorite. While I could take or leave the touchscreen (I didn’t mind pressing a button to turn the page) I LOVE the LIGHTS! OMG. The built-in lights are the best.

    One question,Tanya. How often do you have to re-charge yours? My mom doesn’t have to recharge hers very often, but I do. I read more than she does, but I wonder if mine is normal.

    1. On average, I probably have to charge every two weeks. But it seems you read either way faster or longer than I do, you go through books like water 🙂 But I should say I’m technically challenged, if there’s going to be a problem with electronics, I will encounter it. But I’m pretty happy with the battery life.

      1. I have to charge mine every other day. I’m definitely calling them. My mom says she charges ever 2 or 3 weeks, so there must be something wrong with my battery. Rats. It’s perfect in every other way!.

        1. Hey Lisa,

          Another book blogger mentioned that if you turn off the wi-fi it saves a ton of battery. Ya know, I never thought to do that but makes total sense. Maybe at least try that until you can get it straightened out with Amazon.

          1. You are so sweet to try to help me!!! I learned that trick with my old Kindle, and I always turn it off WiFi after uploading a book. I can’t imagine how quickly my battery would run down if I left it on! GAH! I’m calling them first thing in the morning.

          2. Well darn, I thought I was on to something. If I only need to charge mine once a week and I always leave the wi-fi on, then yea, there must really be something wrong with your battery! Hope you had a good weekend!

    1. um yea…I would read on the ipad before I got the Paperwhite and while I liked it fine, the Paperwhite was much better to me. If I didn’t have to leave the light on to read while hubby slept and could hold the books properly, I might have preferred the paper books. But I’m spoiled now 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by Elizabeth!

  13. I was anti e-reader for a long time. Then, I bought a Kindle and surprise, surprise — I LOVE it! It’s just so very convenient for all the reasons you mentioned (except I can’t use mine in direct sunlight). I’ll never give up real books, but it’s definitely nice to have the option of paper or e-reader since I enjoy them both.

    So glad to have found you via the Hop. Oh, and I love the title of your blog. You have to find those Mom victories where you can, don’t you??

    1. You’re so right Susan, I like having more book avenues. When I can’t get it on the Kindle, I certainly love getting the paper version of a book. I am even enjoying audiobooks more as well.

      I appreciate the compliment on my blog title…yes, moms need to take the small victories wherever and whenever we can get them!! I even have my husband and son saying “small victory” when something goes right. Cause in our lives, nothing goes quite as planned. Glad to have found the hop myself, I love “meeting” book bloggers! Will stop by later. Happy reading!

    1. It’s nice to have choices huh? I wasn’t as avid of a reader back when there were no e-books and I actually had more time to read. Thanks for stopping by!

        1. Boo, hope you have more reading time soon Amanda. I get more reading time these days but only because I am sleeping less.

    1. You’re welcome, I love linking up at your parties! Not sure if I can do book reviewing although I wanted to join the Monster Review-a-thon, sounds like we might be having company this weekend. 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by Linda, e-readers are great for traveling. We love to travel and now that the kids are getting older, we hope to travel more. What are you currently reading? Where is your favorite vacation spot?

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