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Best Black Friday Deals On Planners


Need a planner to keep up with your busy schedule for 2020? Black Friday is the best time to score and amazing deal on a great planner. These are the Best Black Friday deals on planners for 2020. Find out whether your favorite planner company like Emily Ley, Erin Condren, Passion Planner, Day Designer and more are having sales this Black Friday and get all the details on the best time to buy so you can make 2020 your best year yet! #planners #blackfriday #blackfridaydeals

I love a good planner and it’s my mission to help people find the perfect planner to help them organize their busy life and schedule so they can get more done and have more fun. Planners can help you not only keep track of all your appointments, but also be the cornerstone of the system you need to organize all the tasks, ideas and goals in your busy life.

Let’s walk through my favorite planner companies and see which ones are having amazing deals for you this Black Friday so you can score an awesome planner at the best price of the year. I like to tell you about what Black Friday sales might be coming in advance so you have some time to compare planners and decide which one you want to snag on Black Friday before anything sells out. Be sure to bookmark and save this page because I will keep this page updated for you as Black Friday deals on planners are announced.

Emily Ley Black Friday Deals on simplified planners

My Powersheets word of the year is SIMPLIFY, and Emily Ley is one of my favorite planners to help me simplify my busy life and schedule. I have all three of their planner types, see?

And I’ve reviewed them on the blog for you and you can see how each one will help you manage all you need to do for your personal and professional lives (from top to bottom) :

Emily Ley typically has a Black Friday sale but details haven’t been finalized yet so bookmark this page so you know when the deal is announced.

Cultivate What Matters Black Friday Deal on powersheets

I love my Powersheets intentional goal planner by Cultivate What Matters and for the last 2 years that I’ve used the planner, I have really come to value and be encouraged and inspired by the Cultivate What Matters brand, team and community. The Powersheets is a staple in my planning routine and my favorite planner for complete goal planning for my personal and professional lives.

To say Powersheets changed my life is an understatement, it really helped me find focus when I was lost, break down some irrational fears I had about making money from home and growing this blog business, and cultivate more of what truly matters to me (encouraging others in the way they need it. whether it’s people I know or you do blog readers and throwing simple yet meaningful celebrations).

Cultivate What Matters is a 20% off Black Friday sale that has already started! While you can’t get the Powersheets alone at 20% off, you can get the Powersheets starter bundle for 20% off which includes the goal planner, wildcard pages, goal cards and sticker book. I have all of these things and they are gorgeous and I can’t wait to get started using them!

Everything else in the shop is 20% off and they have gorgeous calendars, notebooks and accessories and there are free gifts with qualifying purchases. These are my favorites (besides what’s in the Starter Bundle above):

The Cultivate What Matters Black Friday sale runs from now through Monday, 12/2/19 at 11:59pm. Stop by and be inspired to live your best year in 2020!

erin condren black friday deals

Erin Condren is the planner that started my planner obsession in 2015 when I got my first weekly LifePlanner. They are high quality, beautiful and inspiring. Erin Condren has continued to introduce amazing planners for all planning styles since then so they truly have a planner to match your needs. Here are my favorites and the ones I’ve reviewed on my blog or will be reviewing soon:

There are more planners and a ton of beautiful accessories, like planner totes, stickers, journals, notebooks and stationery that makes Erin Condren products a great gift idea for all the women on your Christmas list: moms, teachers, brides to be, students, working moms, and entrepreneurs.

Erin Condren is starting their Black Friday sale early on the day before Thanksgiving this year. The Erin Condren Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale will run from Wednesday, November 27, 2019 through Monday December 2, 2019 and you get 30% off everything sitewide! An amazing sale on anything you want for 2020 and to find the perfect gift for a deserving lady in your life. Grab this $10 off coupon if it’s your first time placing an order to save even more!

Passion planner black friday deal

The Passion Planner is a fantastic planner to bullet journal in because it has ample space for notes pages in the back. I also love the Passion Roadmap pages to help you break down pursuing your passion into an achievable timeline for your life. The minimalist black and white design makes the Passion Planner a functional planning powerhouse.

Here’s what one of my large Passion Planners looked like…I love the embossed designs on the cover of the dated planners. These designs and colors change each year, be sure to check the Passion Planner website for this year’s colors and designs.

The Passion Planner is a great gift to give mom who works from home. With plenty of space to write home, family and work to do lists, weekly focus and good things that happened, mom is sure to love this planner and how it helps her stay focused and motivated to achieve her goals for her family and work.

I think the Passion Planner is great for:

  • minimalist planners who value functional pages
  • people wanting to ensure they have a good work-life balance since it has equal to do space for personal and work to do’s
  • students, both male and female, (in fact it’s the one I got for my son when he left for college)
  • left handers since it’s bookbound, there is no coil to get in the way

Passion Planner is a great company, minority woman owned and for each dated weekly Passion Planner purchased, $1 goes back to a different charitable organization (depending on the color cover you chose).

They even give free downloads of every planner for those who want to print and bind one for themselves or can’t afford the bound planner. As they say on their site, “From day one, we have offered the PDF for anyone to use. We feel that anyone should be able to use Passion Planner regardless of their financial ability. That’s why we continue to share it for free.” I think that’s pretty awesome and generous.

Anyway, Passion Planner typically holds a Black Friday sale but I don’t know the exact details yet. So check out their site, grab a coupon if it’s your first order, and come back to check out their sale info.


The Day Designer is a great planner for people who like dedicated spaces for menu, expenses, what’s due, top 3 priorities and more. Their daily planning pages have hourly schedules and lots of space for to do lists. You can see my review and lots of pictures inside the Day Designer I used.

The Day Designer came out with weekly planners too this year that have weekly planning pages but also lots of extra Today and To Do undated daily pages so you have space to track your schedule and to do list on extra busy days.

The only drawback to the daily and weekly Day Designers is their paper quality (90 GSM) The paper is not as thick as the other planners I’ve featured here so your favorite gel pens will shadow so you can see the writing on the other side. They do have an A5 binder system too that is gorgeous and has thicker, more luxurious paper (120 GSM) and is great for professionals who want a ringbound system.

Still the covers are gorgeous and great for professional women who need a lot of space for daily planning. It has great goalsetting pages too.

Day Designer does not hold sales often, usually just free shipping which is a good deal since all order are priority shipping. Sometimes, they do a Black Friday sale so we will have to wait and see if they do a Black Friday sale this year too.


The Living Well Planner is a powerhouse of an undated weekly planner that has unique monthly pages for:

  • identifying your goals in different areas of your life (personal, fun, health, home, finance and relationships),
  • a personal motto statement,
  • breaking down goals into achievable chunks.
  • project planning
  • colorful budgeting
  • expense tracker, and
  • gratitude

The weekly pages are undated but have space for your:

  • hourly schedule from 6 am to 10pm,
  • top 3 must do’s
  • menu.
  • list, and
  • big days

This is a great planner for moms who don’t necessarily need a planner each and every week but you can use it when you need it. This one is one of my favorites for incorporating monthly goal setting into the planner. It comes with monthly stickers for the monthly tabs and the calendar and days of the week stickers for the weekly pages. So all you have to write in is the dates. You can start this planner any month you need to and still get a full year out of it. I think it’s a great choice for busy moms with big goals and who like colorful planners!

The Living Well Planner Black Friday deal will start on Wednesday, November 27, 2019 and end on Monday, December 2, 2019. The have all kinds of planners, accessories, books and printable bundles in their shop so I look forward to seeing what is on sale, I hope it all is!

Purple trail planners Black Friday Deal

I’ve recently heard about Purple Trail Planners and they are amazing for being able to customize exactly the planner you need. They have so many choices and styles to choose from, I can’t likely list them all here but I’ll try.

You can choose from all these custom planners:

  • Daily, weekly, monthly planners
  • mom planners
  • teacher/student planners
  • wedding planners
  • meal planners
  • blog (content) planners
  • fitness planners
  • tiny planners
  • planner notepads
  • 3-ring binders
  • leather planners
  • printable planners

And customize the planner in lots of ways including cover, colors (colorful vs. neutral blacks, gray and white), headings, and combinations of pages. I am getting an A5 Harry Potter themed hard cover binder with daily pages, blog content pages, to do lists, check lists, account trackers and dot grid pages for review and I can’t wait. I’m even getting some Whimsical Wizard stickers too.

I think these binders also make beautiful Christmas gifts, especially recipe binders , wedding planners, baby keepsake binders. and teacher binders.

Purple Trail Planner’s Black Friday Deal has already started and you can get 25% off sitewide using the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY19. I’m not sure when the sale ends, but I’m guessing it lasts through Monday, December 2, 2019.


Plan to Eat is my favorite meal planning service and it goes on an amazing 50% off sale every Black Friday. I forgot to renew my subscription last year and I missed it while I didn’t have it. I use it to save online recipes and type in ingredients from printed recipes. Then Plan to Eat auto generates shopping lists which I can print or pull up on the app and check off when I’m in the store (for all those times I print up/write my shopping list and forget it at home!).

On those days when I don’t have a plan and still need to get dinner on the table, I can search for recipes while I’m in the store based on what meat is on sale or if I need to throw something in the slow cooker and autogenerate the shopping list and get what I need. It certainly saves time and money for us so I’m not as tempted to go out to eat.

You can even share recipes with friends with subscriptions, so you can get new dinner ideas. They have fun monthly challenges (like Easy Meals for the New Year, Instant Pot July, and One Pot October) full of meal ideas so you can just save the ones you want to try. If you have leftovers that you put in the freezer, you can even mark them as “Freezer” so you remember to incorporate them into a future meal plan.

Anyway, Plan to Eat is a steal at 50% off for $19.50 for the year (or $2.48/month). That’s less than $2/month for the annual subscription and you’ll definitely make up the savings when you find it easier to plan meals you can make at home. You can try a free 30 day trial, buy the Plan to Eat subscription during the Black Friday sale, and add it on to the end of your free 30 day trial end date. That way you get extra savings!

Well I’ve given you lots of planners to help you find the perfect planner for 2020 to help you organize your busy life and schedule. And I wanted to make sure to tell you about the best Black Friday Deals on planners because it really is the best time to buy and get a head start on crushing your goals and having your best year yet in 2020!

Feel free to check out my ultimate planner comparison if you need help deciding which planner is right for you, leave me any questions in the comments, or send me an email at tanya{at}momssmallvictories{dot}com and I’ll be glad to help you find the best planner for the best price.

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