Blogging Tips and Tricks to Make Money Blogging

Simple blogging tips and tricks to help you grow a successful business and make money blogging

Blogging tips and tricks to grow a successful business. Make money blogging with these simple blogging tips and tricks to help you design your blog, write effective content, grow your traffic, and make money blogging. #bloggingtips #blogging #workfromhome #momssmallvictories

I never thought I’d find my passion and purpose when I started blogging in 2011 on a free blogger account. Over the years, my blog has changed along with my season of life and so have the rules and best practices that come with running a successful blog. 

In my mission to turn my blog from hobby to professional, I have found excellent resources and learned valuable lessons along the way that I want to share with you. Whether you are a newbie or veteran blogger for hobby or for income, I hope you’ll find this page of blogging tips and tricks to take your blog to the next level helpful in your blogging journey. 

What is the next level of your blogging journey? What goals do you hope to achieve with your blog? What are your favorite blogging tips and tricks or resources? If you have a particular blogging question you’d like to ask or a topic you would like me to write about, feel free to ask in the comments. I’d love to help you be successful on your blogging journey, wherever that next level takes you!

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Blogging Tips and Tricks to Make Money Blogging




Domain Registration and Hosting: 

  • If you want to make an income from your blog, you need to own your domain name on a self-hosted blog. New Blog Hosting* is a small business domain registration & hosting company with excellent, prompt and personal customer service. I can contact the owner directly and receive prompt response and resolution.






The first step in good blog design is to organize it so that your readers can find what they are looking for. I used the Blog Structure Blueprint (a FREE resource from Elite Blog Academy)* to figure out how to organize my categories and tags to optimize my reader’s experience on my site. Simple and straight forward, the Blog Structure Blueprint will help you on your way to designing a beautiful blog you can be proud of and your readers will enjoy visiting.

Theme & Plugins:

  • I purchased the Genesis framework* and the Captivating theme* from Restored 316 over Black Friday Weekend and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. The package that invites your readers to sit and stay awhile makes all the difference between a successful and struggling online business. It is definitely worth the small investment to get a premade theme if you can’t afford a custom design.
  • The features I love most about this theme are:
    • Flexible home page that you can build with various widgets
    • SEO, ad network and affiliate marketing optimized so that Google will recognize and read your posts better and you can make money blogging
    • Minimalist, classic design and neutral color scheme (as my readers are overwhelmed and busy moms and chronic illness patients, I want my readers to feel relaxed and peaceful when they visit)
    • I can feature my products from my shop or my blog posts on the homepage 
    • Instagram feed on the bottom
  • The other theme I was considering was Splendor which is great especially for service based businesses.



  • My brand designer is no longer in business but she created this beautiful brand kit for me. It’s important to have a recognizable brand with colors, fonts and logos that exude what your brand is about.
Mom's Small Victories Brand Guide designed by Jordan from J&J Social


  • Canva is my choice for creating beautiful images and templates for my blog. I still use the free version, but the paid version has the ability to organize items into folders which would be very helpful considering how many images I have in there!
  • Blog Design for Dummies* – excellent resource if you want to DIY blog design


Stock Photos:

I like using unique photos that aren’t being overused. Many bloggers seem to know and use sites like Unsplash and Pixabay (don’t get me wrong, they have great photos), but when I realized just how many people used them, I knew I needed to find different sources for stock photos. Here are my favorites:

  • Jana Bishop Collection (I had her subscription for awhile and her photos are minimalist, neutral and gorgeous)
  • Depositphotos has a huge assortment of high quality photos and a searchable database which makes finding photos a breeze. Best time to buy is during their Black Friday deal.
  • picXclicX is an entire site of FREE stock photos. Jill’s collection has really grown and become more beautiful since I started using her photos a few years ago. Attribution is required or you can pay $5 for LIFETIME use of any of her photos. Since I used quite a few already, I went ahead and paid for the $5 so it came to less than $1 a photo. 
  • Haute Chocolate has gorgeous stock photos. I have not plunged the money down for a subscription ranging from $75/quarter to $225/year but Rachel offers a few free stock photos for subscribers monthly . I should have bought the subscription service during the Black Friday sale, maybe this year. I love that membership includes high resolution images, branding guides, social media quotes, and unlimited downloads!
  • SC Stock Shop has a wonderful variety of stock photos and brand builder kits if you are looking for a new look. These are high resolution images and you can shop by color or collections. Prices vary from $69 for a single image to $274 for the larger brand builder kits. Be sure you read the specifications in each photo before purchase. Although some photo titles indicates a “collection”, the price could still be just for a single image. Shay offers stock photos free for subscribers so that’s what I use. 




I take advantage of Elite Blog Academy’s* freebies throughout the year, and especially in February as the 5-day sale of the new course approaches. This year EBA is offering these amazing freebies that I’m working my way through. All of these are short, concise and packed with actionable and useful information to get your blog growing and reaching the traffic and income goals you desire. These are the order in which I’d recommend you do them:

Pageviews and SEO:

blogging tips and tricks to grow your email list

Getting faithful readers on your email list is the single most important asset you have as a blogger. These are your true fans and your most loyal customers. If you want to earn an income from your blog, YOU NEED AN EMAIL LIST! I have a small niche blog, meaning I don’t write about big topics people search for like food, home decor/DIY or personal finance. But I make money blogging largely because of my email list! Growing my email subscribers is definitely my top priority over mere traffic and vanity pageviews.

First things first, you need an email marketing provider.

I have used Convertkit and Mailerlite and recommend Mailerlite which has the same capabilities as Convertkit but at a fraction of the cost.

There is an art form to attracting readers to your blog and getting them to sign up for your newsletter or email list. Here are some of my favorite courses and resources I’ve taken to grow my list.

  • List Love quick start guide by Jennifer Maker – this woman knows her stuff when it comes to email marketing and grew her email list to 10.000 subscribers in 6 months on a new blog and now has 80,000 subscribers. his is her intro level course that is worth the money. This course is always available.
  • List Love Master course by Jennifer Maker – more comprehensive and still worth the money if your email list is a priority/top goal like it is for me. This course is open during certain enrollment periods.


blogging tips and tricks to grow your Social Media






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I will continue to update this page for additional blogging tips and tricks I write and resources I find useful. Be sure to let me know what you would like to see and learn about in the comments. What are your favorite blogging tips and tricks and resources? Let’s share and help one another be successful in our blogging journeys!