Craig Copeland

From Barnes & Noble: “Craig Copeland is the owner/founder of the Reach Now Institute, whose mission is to increase their clients’ personal and professional success by training them to finish what they start.

Prior to Reach Now Institute, Craig worked for 15 years as a high-level Personal Assistant for some of the top CEOs of major corporations, Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalist, top Producers, Directors, A-list actors, Grammy winning performers, and heads of major movie studios. In 2009 he was chosen by Celeb Staff Magazine as one of the Best of the Best Personal Assistants. His first book, The Celebrity Assistant’s Handbook is considered to be an authoritative nuts and bolts guide for the industry.

He served for several years as the Executive Personal Assistant for two top motivational speakers and trainers; Eben Pagan, and Neil Strauss. Through Pagan, Craig learned the keys to successful seminar programs, impactful marketing promotions and writing books that sell. Craig was a guest speaker at Strauss’ workshops and assisted in creating seminar programs. For several years, Craig has been a featured speaker at numerous events.

Additionally, Craig has worked for several years as a trained Crisis Intervention Counselor, logging hundreds of hours counseling, and working with people on how to improve their lives to make a difference.

Craig’s life goal is his foundation, the Theophilus North Foundation, the focus of which is to enable third-world children to be fed, clothed and attend school.”