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I love helping readers discover their next favorite book or author so I’ve dedicated this page to the books I have read and want to read, book club discussion questions to get your book club talking, ways to encourage your kids to become bookworms and opportunities to hear straight from authors. The planner addict in me loves a good list so there are plenty of my favorite book lists to choose from, nearly 100 book reviews and reading challenges to expand your reading horizons and unleash your inner bookworm.

Have fun taking a look around at all the bookish discussions happening on the blog and feel free to find me on Goodreads too where I track everything I’ve read and want to read and on Instagram where I share what I’m currently reading, my bookshelf pics and mini-reviews too! I hope you enjoy the hunt to discover your next favorite book or author!

 Don't know what to read? Discover your next favorite book or author with my FREE book club discussion questions, favorite book lists, book reviews, reading challenges to unleash your inner bookworm and author interviews and guest posts. Your next favorite book or author is waiting to be discovered!

Book Discussions & Favorite Book Lists

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Book Reviews

Complete lists of the books I’ve read and reviewed sorted by rating, author, title or setting.

Book Club Discussion Questions

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Reading Challenges

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Getting to Know Authors

I love hearing about what inspires authors to write and research a story and tips for helping aspiring writers succeed and get their books into the hands of readers. I also love to showcase these amazing authors to help them promote their next book.

Meeting Authors in Real Life

Author Interviews

Author Guest Posts

Author Recommendations

Authors are readers too and often get their hands on the best books. See what these authors recommend reading!

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Encouraging Kids to Read for Fun and Literacy

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