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Favorite Books Set in India – Guest Post for Book Bloggers International


Today I’m happy to be sharing a guest post on Book Bloggers International of my favorite books set in India. My family is from India but I was born and raised in the US. I went once that I can remember and because my chronic illness prevents me from traveling to India, the next best thing is to travel in books. Reading is a fantastic and frugal way to learn about different cultures and it’s a passion of mine to encourage others to read more diversely and travel the world in books.

Photo credit: Taj Mahal on Wikipedia

There’s a little something for everyone in my 4 favorite books in India over at Book Bloggers International: historical fiction set during India’s independence, a book sure to make foodies hungry, a drama surrounding an Indian-US adoption and a memoir by one of my favorite Indian authors. Each book had me mesmerized and longing to go back.

Once you read my favorite books set in India, stop back by and sign up for the Travel the World in Books Reading Challenge. It’s a set your own rules and no stress reading challenge. Be sure to stay tuned, we have future events coming up!

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  1. Oh I love, love books set in India! I have no personal connection but that whole part of the world just fascinates me. I’m headed over to check out your choices!

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