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As a mom of 3 boys and a chronic illness patient, I’ve struggled with depression, pain and an immense sense of overwhelm. Over the years, I’ve created various tools to help me juggle my work, home, family, blog, health and my unrelenting obsession with books and recipes. I’m sharing these with you in the hopes that you can find something to help you juggle your busy lives and eliminate the overwhelm so you can pursue your passions and achieve your dream life too!

Whether your goal is to take better care of yourself, get your house in order or just to read more for fun, I hope you’ll find something to help you chase your personal and professional goals. When you subscribe you will have access to all the printables I’ve created so far and ones on the horizon as well as exclusive content, tips and inside scoop on planning, organizing, blogging and crushing your goals.

Here’s a peek at some the free printables available now:

  • Ultimate Planner Comparison Chart
  • Free Blog Planner
  • Blogging Traffic and Income Reports
  • Exclusive access to Tailwind tribe for bloggers
  • Food and Symptom Tracker for Chronic Illness Patients
  • Craft Your Ideal Routine Workbook and Tracker
  • 8 Things You Need to Know to Crush Your Goals Workbook
  • Christmas Planning Simplified
  • Summer Activities Bucket List Printable
  • Book Club Discussion Guides
  • Book Bucket Lists

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I’ve got tons of ideas of future printables to create but what I really want to know is…

What is your biggest struggle? What is preventing you from pursuing your passions and achieving your dream life? What does your dream life look like? What kind of printable do you need? I’d love to create something that will help you! Leave me a comment or send me an email and let me know! 

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