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10 Practical Gifts for People with Arthritis

Need a gift idea for someone struggling with the daily pain and stress of arthritis? Here are 10 practical and thoughtful gifts for people with arthritis to help your loved one ease their symptoms. 


ractical Christmas gift ideas for people with arthritis. Get the Rheumatoid arthritis patient on your Christmas list a thoughtful and comforting gift to help them cope with the daily stress and pain of Rheumatoid Arthritis and other types of arthritis.


Whether your loved one has autoimmune Rheumatoid Arthritis like I do, osteoarthritis or another form of arthritis, chances are they live with pain, stiffness, fatigue and limited mobility. The constant feeling of not being able to do the things they’d like likely takes as much of an emotional toll as the physical symptoms do. 


It’s hard to watch a loved one in pain and after all these years of watching me deal with RA and explaining how I feel and what I need, now my Superhubby, friends and family know what I need to comfort and console me on bad arthritis days. Here are a few of the things that help me, practical yet thoughtful gifts for people with arthritis.


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Practical Gifts for People with Arthritis who Are on a Computer a Lot


Keyboard Cover

I love my keyboard cover* because it makes it easier to press the keys. This and the next one are perfect for people who spend a lot of time on their computer. This is the one I have on my Macbook Air, but be sure to find one that fits your computer model’s keyboard.


Keyboard Gel Cushion Wrist Rest

A gel filled wrist rest for your keyboard and mouse feels great for arthritic hands for people who use a mouse and keyboard all day long!

Lap Desk with Wrist Rest

Sometimes I can’t sit at my desk but I still need to work on the computer. So I take my lap desk to the couch and work there. I love that this lap desk has a wrist rest because after my fingers, that’s the first thing to start hurting when I’ve been at the laptop for very long.




Practical Gifts for People with Arthritis who Like to Read


I wrote a whole post on why I LOVE My Kindle Paperwhite and how it transformed my reading. So you can read that if the person on your list wants to read more but has trouble holding a physical book. 


And this post has some more gift ideas for book lovers with arthritis too like a massaging back rest.



Practical Gifts for People with Arthritis who Like to Cook (or Eat!)


Must Have Kitchen Gadgets to Cook with Arthritis

I cook a lot, with 3 growing sons and a husband, I have to cook or we’d spend a small fortune on eating out. I wrote this whole post on my must have kitchen gadgets when cooking with Rheumatoid Arthritis, but this goes for people with any kind of arthritis. 


Wide Handled Utensils

These wide handled utensils are easier to grip for people with arthritis in their hands.


Practical Gifts for People with Arthritis who Like to Plan and Journal


I would be lost without my planners. I used to think it was mommy brain but the longer I’ve had Rheumatoid Arthritis, and the more medicines i take, the worse the brain fog gets. I rely on my planners to be my brain on paper. 

Picking the right planner is such a personal decision, so I have been doing planner reviews of my favorites in an effort to help others decide which planner is best for them. Planners make fantastic gifts with a few accessories and pretty pens thrown in! 


Journaling is an important self care routine to get into, especially when dealing with a chronic condition like arthritis. Here’s a post all about some of my favorite journals and 30 free journaling prompts to get started. 


Erin Condren Self Care Journal, I am Enough Journal, Wellness Log and Medical Treatment Log

Erin Condren has an amazing line of planners and journals but these self care petite journals , I am Enough guided petite journal, Wellness Journal and Medical Treatment log are especially helpful for people with arthritis. They are beautiful to boot! They have a full line of journals to choose from and you can get a discount for buying 4 at a time to go in the matching folios. I’ll be doing a review on these journals soon because I bought most of them for myself! 


You can see a lot more pictures of the folio and the daily petite planners here, using them with the journals above helps the person with arthritis keep their health a priority. 


Practical Gifts for People with Arthritis who Like to Garden


Gardening shears

It can be tough to garden when you have arthritis. These gardening shears make it much easier to prune bushes and trim branches.  

Garden Bench and Kneeler

This clever convertible garden bench can be lowered to also be used as a kneeler so you can get closer to your garden (or weeds) and tend to them without putting added stress on your feet or back. After hours trying to weed our yard, I’m definitely getting one of these! It even has a place to put the tools! 


Practical Gifts for People with Arthritis who Like to Do Arts and Crafts


Paper Trimmer

I was a scrapbooker back when we only had one kid, and that feels like a lifetime ago. But I got a paper trimmer to help me cut down sheets of paper and even though I don’t scrapbook anymore, we all still use this paper trimmer a lot! It’s much easier to slide the cutter instead of using scissors and your lines come out straight every time! I use mine whenever I need to cut school pictures to hand out to family or the kids use it to make their school projects look cleaner and nicer.

Rotary Cutter

It’s much easier to roll a blade than it is to squeeze my fingers together. This rotary cutter makes it a cinch to cut paper and fabric. You probably need a cutting mat to go underneath whatever you are cutting. 

Practical Self Care Gifts for People with Arthritis


Nail Cutter

I despise cutting my nails, my hands and feet have sustained the most damage from RA and I wait until I absolutely have to cut my nails before I do it. I’m still at the point where I’m too stubborn to ask Superhubby to cut my nails for me. I know he would, but it’s still a matter of wanting to take care of myself while I can.

So this nail cutter is perfect for people with arthritis since it has a wide grip and rotates so they can get it in the right position to be able to cut their nails with the least amount of discomfort.

Wide Grip Slant Tip Tweezers

Traditional tweezers are another self care/beauty tool that are difficult to use when someone has arthritis hands. These wide grip tweezers will help the person with arthritis with their self care routine.

More Gift Ideas for People with Arthritis! 

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Well I hope you’ve found a practical yet thoughtful gift for your loved one with arthritis. They will love, cherish and appreciate any of these gifts and the care you took in selecting a gift that will truly help them as they cope with arthritis. 

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  1. Thanks for this! I just clicked through and got my Mom the nail clippers. She’s 92 and has really bad arthritis and really struggles to clip her nails. I’ve tried various other clippers for arthritis so fingers crossed that the pair you shared with us will be the ones that work for her!

    1. I hope they work for her! I haven’t bought those yet since I just found them when I wrote this post but I’ll be getting a pair for myself also. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll let me know how they work for her.

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