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It’s Monday, What Are You Reading March 18, 2013

It’s Monday, What are you Reading? Here’s what I finished last week, what I’m currently reading and other book related posts. As usual, linking up with Book Journey today to recap and visit other bloggers to see what’s on their reading lists. Great way to get new book recommendations.

Last week I Finished

 I finished In The Woods by Tana French for the book club hosted by two of my favorite book bloggers, Allison of The Book Wheel and Rebecca of Love at First Book. Set in Ireland, three kids go out to play and only one boy comes home. The boy is unable to describe what happened to his friends, he simply does not know. He changes his name, goes to boarding school and attempts to forget the past. His past catches up to him 20 years later when he is a detective on a murder case in his old hometown. 

This was not a quick read for me, I struggled through some parts.  Ms. French’s writing style is very poetic and her strength is the way she sets the scene.  The characters were creepy and I really could not predict what was going to happen or if/how the two cases 20 years apart were connected. An interesting read.  Have you read this or the sequel, The Likeness? Not sure yet, if I’ll pick up the sequel.


 On audiobook, I listened to Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster. After reading Here I Go Again by Ms. Lancaster, a fellow blogger recommended her autobiography. Ms. Lancaster describes her have-it-all life, the well-paying job and respect from her colleagues, the doting boyfriend and the name dropping of the designer clothes, shoes and jewelry she wears and the high-end stores where she shops. That is, until she loses her job right after 9/11 and is forced onto unemployment….and even worse, thinks of leaving the big city and moving back in with her parents.

I enjoyed this book, it demonstrates the reality of so many Americans who have unexpectedly lost their jobs.  The impact that it has on the job market when too many over-qualified individuals are looking for anything to help them make ends meet. The idea that no one is “above” being unemployed and makes me thankful for the job that I have.  Ms. Lancaster’s tell it like it is attitude is harsh but humorous as long as you aren’t on the receiving end of one of her tirades. Given the intensity and drama involved with In The Woods, Bitter is the New Black was a great audiobook complement to give me a laugh during my own commute to work.


This Week I’m Reading 

For my in-person book club, we are reading Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay. Set during both the Vel d’Hiv period of the French Holocaust in 1942 and present day 2002, the stories of young French girl Sarah intertwines with that of American journalist Julia 60 years apart.  Sarah thinks she is protecting her brother from the French police when she locks him in a secret room in their apartment and promises to return.  The French Police arrest her and her mother and what becomes of her little brother? I don’t know yet as I’m only 6 pages into the book but I think it sets the stage for the haunting, dramatic story to follow.




On audiobook, I am listening to One Year to an Organized Life by Regina Leeds.  Ms. Leeds is the author and narrates her own book.  Her voice is soothing which is appropriate for the “zen organizer” method of organization she advocates.  Ms. Leeds starts off by saying she knows exactly what I’m like, “do you dream about being organized?” yes! “Do you feel overwhelmed by clutter?” Yes! Every question she asked I responded with a resounding Yes! Ok, so I dream about being organized and having my family help me keep it that way!

While this is not my first book on getting organized, I do like some of the new ideas she suggests and reinforcements of concepts I’ve learned in other books, like the importance of a label maker and having a designated spot for everything.  I love that she incorporates weekly goals and positive thinking affirmations to help combat some of those mental obstacles we have to maintaining organization.  It’s interesting that she uses journaling prompts to help the reader envision what their goals are for each room, how their upbrining influenced their current organization skills and what to learn from it.  I look forward to implementing her suggestions week by week but will probably need the hard copy of the book to get the most benefit from checklists and journaling prompts.


Other upcoming bookish events

Well it’s March and I have been eagerly anticipating the Full Bloggiesta after participating in the mini version a couple months ago. Bloggiesta is a chance to work on book blogging related goals, participate in twitter chats and complete mini-challenges to learn new skills and interact with other book bloggers. Bloggiesta runs from this Friday, March 22nd through Sunday, March 24th.

Also starting March 23rd at 10 am through March 24th at 10 am is an Itty Bitty Blogathon. Similarly, this is also a mini blogathon to get caught up on my blogging to do list. I am hoping some of my goals for the weekend will satisfy both Bloggiesta and Blogathon requirements because I don’t want to miss out on either one! Looks like a whole lotta blogging will be done this week.

Are you participating in one or both of these events? They are both valuable resources and hope you join in the opportunity with me.

Well,that’s what I’ve been up to. What are you reading this week? Have you read any of the books in my post? What did you think? Tell me in the comments and let me know. Hope you link up or visit Book Journey too and see what other book bloggers are reading. Happy reading and have a good week!

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    1. Hi Crystal, yea, she’s a riot. I really enjoyed both the fiction and non-fiction although the characters are very similar – higher-than-thou-but-get-a-rude-awakening. Hopefully her trip through unemployment brought her back down to earth. I look forward to her other books, the titles alone make me want to read them. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. I am going to check out the Itty Bitty Blogathon. I’m excited about Bloggiesta since I have never participated before! Honestly, you rock with your planning ahead calendars and warnings about blogging events!!! I NEED that! πŸ™‚

    I finished In the Woods also, and will not pick up the sequels, although I would try another Tana French novel that was independent of In the Woods. At least we have been able to have lots of discussion on the book (and will continue to do so this next week!).

    Right now, I am reading the sequel to The Shadow of the Wind bu Carlos Ruiz Zafon called Angel’s Game and trying so hard to make time for Quiet. I’ve been reading Quiet for too long, I just need to finish it!

    1. I’m excited for Bloggiesta and Itty Bitty Blogathon too…i keep stalking the pages waiting for the challenges to be announced so I can plan what to work on. I’m a planner, can’t you tell? Probably cause I gotta squeeze blogging time into family escorting kids to swim lessons, food and naptimes!

      Glad that the calendar was useful to you too. I need to update for other readathons and reviewathons I hear about.

      1. I know! When will they announce??? I actually have plans on Friday during the day and on Sunday during the day, so I want to be able to prepare so that I know what I should work on and when. The perils of being a planner!

        1. I don’t know, Becca from Lost in Books said they’d post bloggiesta sign ups maybe today. Yea, I have to work tomorrow but hope to join the Bloggiesta Twitter chat at 9pm. I never get as much done as I want to but love working together towards our goals and cheering each other on. I love the challenges, I usually learn useful tips from other bloggers. As soon as I find out I’ll let you know! Itty Bitty BLogathon announced today they are giving away a $100 amazon card and a $25 paypal card as part of theirs. πŸ™‚

  2. I love Tana French! She really does know how to set a scene and write a story that intrigues. I never have trouble getting through her books. I’ve read them all and liked each one.

    I still need to read SARAH’S KEY. It sounds so excellent!

    1. Hi Susan, thanks for stopping by. What is your favorite book by Tana French? Should I read the Likeness sequel next or something else? Sarah’s Key is wonderful so far and I never knew there was such an event as the Vel d’Hiv.

    1. What are you Reading now Lisa? I have this great book called I Just Want to Pee Alone on my Kindle that I cannot wait to read! After the drama of Sarah’s Key, I think I will need something that will make me laugh till I cry. πŸ™‚

  3. Looks like you have some interesting books to read. I must admit I was one of the few who did not like Sarah’s key, but I hope you will like it.

    Books about organizing are always great, I usually love those!

    have a good week, kind regards,

    1. Hi Bettina, Thanks for stopping by. Oh it’s ok you didn’t like Sarah’s Key, I’ve been one of the few who didn’t like a book…like Twilight, which I couldn’t finish, or Bossypants, which I kept falling asleep reading. The organizing book had me so motivated to get paperwork under control and then on the way home today, the library loan expired and the book was deleted from my phone’s app…grumble. I made it 6 months into the year anyway. Hope to get it back and finish it off. I am off to pay you a visit!

  4. Somehow I have been out of it more than I thought. How did I not realize Bloggiesta was this weekend? I participated in the Mini one so I would like to do this one, too. It should be a good weekend for it for me, actually. I don’t know what the Blogathon is, but I will check it out. Thanks for sharing about it.

    I am glad you liked Bitter is the New Black. I loved that one, too. I read the one or two that came after it, as well, but stopped at that point because I need a break from them and My Fair Lazy has gone unread on my shelf. I still want to read it though.

    1. I am glad you are free this weekend to participate in Bloggiesta this weekend. I can’t believe its already the end of March.but I look forward to the challenges. Someone mentioned they were hosting a mini challenge about signing up for affiliates which will be one of my goals. Signing up for Netgalley is another one of mine. What are some of your goals? Looking fwd to chatting with you more this weekend Becca, thanks as always for stopping by.

  5. Enjoyed chatting with you last night on Twitter and am looking forward to participating in next weekend’s events with you!

    Stop by my blog and see what I’ve been up to – I’ve posted several new reviews as a part of the TBR Read-A-Thon!

    You are reading / listening to some wonderful books this week! I”m trying to work my way through a bunch of non-fiction reviews now so I can delve into some lighter fiction for the late spring and summer!

    1. Always enjoy catching up with you Create with Joy! I’ll be right over, did i see Guinness Brownies as your latest post? Yum!

  6. I had no idea that Bloggiesta or a blogathon was coming up! Thanks for letting us know. I think I need to pick up One Year to an Organized Life. I’m surrounded by clutter as I type. πŸ™‚

    1. You are welcome Vasilly, hope you can join up with Bloggiesta and/or the itty bitty blogathon and accomplish some blogging goals. Oh man, clutter is my worst enemy!

  7. Sarah’s Key sounds really good–I’ll be curious to hear your thoughts on it. I’ll probably add it to my TBR anyway. Your bookish events sound interesting too! I’ve never participated in any kind of blogging event, so maybe I’ll have to step out of my comfort zone some this year and try one!

    1. Hi Heather, I love these online blogathons because you work at your own pace and as much as you can, there is no travel cost and I can fit time to blog into my weekend schedule with my family. I hope you try it out, I have learned valuable lessons from very helpful bloggers and don’t have to pay a dime. a great free resource and I love the twittering parties too to meet bloggers and share info in real time. Can you tell I am excited about it? πŸ™‚ Hope you find some time to join in.

  8. Looks like you’re getting some good reading in. I’ll be interested to hear what you think of Sarah’s Key.

    I had forgotten that Bloggiesta is this weekend. I’ll have to decide if I want to participate or not. I could use the time to catch up documenting my reading challenge status. LOL!

    1. Hi Michelle! Hopefully you can set one of your Bloggiesta goals to catch up on your reading challenge statuses. I found a few that I am missing links to. I’ve been busy reading, but need to catch up on review writing…again. Hope you can make it to Bloggiesta at least for some fo the chats they posted dates/times today. Yay! Glad to hear from you.

  9. I hope you end up loving Sarah’s Key! I really liked it a lot πŸ™‚ I’m hoping to take part in Bloggiesta this weekend, yay! I love that event.

    Happy reading, have a great week!

    1. Yay Jennifer! I hope to chat with you some more this weekend then. I just noticed the Twitter chat dates/times are up. I love chatting with other bloggers in real time! I can’t wait to see what mini-challenges they have in store for us too!

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