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Mini-Bloggiesta Book Blogging Weekend

Wrap-up is included at bottom of post:

Hi, I’m Tanya of Mom’s Small Victories. I am joining my first Mini-Bloggiesta this weekend to catch up on my book blogging to-do list. Here are some of the tasks I would like to accomplish during Mini-Bloggiesta:

* Write 3 or more book reviews
* Join 2 book blogging networks (like Southern Book Bloggers)
* Comment and network with Bloggiesta participants Done!
* Complete as many mini-challenges as I can Done!
* Participate in Twitter chat Done!
* Learn how to improve my book reviews Done!

I love to read cultural and historical fiction, family dramas, some young adult and to participate in reading challenges. I also co-host a fairly new book club and am always looking for new ideas to bring to the group. As usual, I have been behind on posting reviews, once I finish a book I am eager to jump immediately into the next one. I hope to use this weekend to catch up on some bookish tasks and meet some other book bloggers who share the love of reading.

Here are some of my favorite book-related posts from my site:

Book Review: The World We Found by Thrity Umrigar
Around the World in 80 Books Reading Challenge
My Life According to the Books I Read 2012

Good luck to those participating and look forward to learning as much as I can and knocking some more items off my to-do list this weekend. Ole!

Wrap-Up:  I finished one of my reviews for Pride & Prejudice and since that was one of my bucket list reading books and qualified for 3 of the 4 challenges I am doing, I considered it a big accomplishment to get that one written and posted. I participated in the mini-challenges to comment on other’s blogs, cross-posting reviews on Goodreads, Amazon & other sites and organize a calendar electronically to track progress on each of the books read and reviewed. I learned about Dewey’s Readathon and Armchair BEA during the Twitter chat in which I would like to participate. I met and commented on many other participants sites and found the group very willing to help a newbie. I am thankful for the opportunity and can’t wait to join the full Bloggiesta March 22-24.

What recommendations do you have for me for the 4 challenges I am in? I would love constructive feedback on ways to improve my book reviews, you can message me at What other suggestions do you have to improve my book related blogging? I would love all constructive comments. Thanks for stopping by!

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    1. Thanks so much, it was fast and furious blogging when I could but loads of fun. Thanks for stopping by and hope you visit again soon!

  1. Seems like you got the most important items done, so that’s a win! I loved being busy with my blog and even doing the things I always neglect because they’re tedious – doing them as part of Bloggiesta isn’t half as bad.

    I also prefer to keep reading rather than write a review! Bad habits, but wel…

    Dewey’s readathon is really good fun – it’s meant to be 24 hours at a stretch – just so you get the right idea. I never do, though, I make sure I get some sleep, and it’s good fun anyway.

    1. Thanks Judith. Setting time aside to knock off those tedious tasks is important and always feels good to cross those mundane things off your list. I appreciate the info on readathon, 24 hours straight? Guess hubby is going to have to take munchkins away for the day if I’m gonna do that! But yea, I will need sleep. Thanks for stopping by and hope to talk to you again soon!

  2. How very cool! You will knock out those reviews in no time, I’m sure. 🙂

    I’m so sorry I didn’t get the RA Day info up in time – do you think it would be okay for me to do it late anyway? I didn’t mean to be a slacker, I think I wound up in Girl Scout Cookie land and didn’t know how to escape!

    1. Anytime you can help raise awareness for RA is appreciated Andrea, so I would say better to post it late than never. Thanks so much.

      I totally understand, I would get lost in Girl Scout Cookie land and have to eat my way through it. My weekend didn’t quite go as planned either, but do they ever? I was thankful that in-laws surprised us with a visit, spent the day with the kids and let my hubby and I have a date but as a result, I didn’t meet my goals for RA awareness day or Mini-Bloggiesta but family time is important!

      Hope you have a great day!

  3. So glad to have you and “meet” you last night during the chat! Did you search through some of the past bloggiesta challenges for book review help? There’s a bunch of really awesome ones!

    Good luck and I hope to see you around lots!

    1. Thanks Suey, great to meet you too! I did look at some of the past bloggiesta challenges. Give me a link if there are any in particular you think would help me. The one I found mentioned some things I already do but I would always love additional input. I didn’t get to participate as much as I wanted to but I will be signing up for full Bloggiesta when that comes around! Love the chance to meet other bloggers and learn important ways to improve my blog. Thanks for hosting and the opportunity. Hope you will visit me again soon.

    1. It sure does light a fire. All kinds of things we want to get done! Hope you are having a productive Bloggiesta weekend Allison!

    1. Thanks Catherine. Well at least from one of the mini-challenges, I have my list done of what to review, problem is I gotta find time to write. Hope you are more successful at accomplishing your goals than I am so far. We have tomorrow still. Thanks for stopping by…

  4. Hi Tanya,

    I’m not really officially part of any book blogging network, but that’s a great goal! I’ve found it to be a very open and welcoming bunch. And now, I’m going to be really nosy…where in the south are you? We live in Northern Virginia now, but my husband is a born and bread Georgian (Atlanta).

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Maria, I love interacting with other bloggers any way I can. I am glad its a welcoming bunch. We are in NC, I’ve lived more than half my life here now so I am a sweet tea drinkin Carolina girl! And yep, a ya’ll comes out every once in a while in my strange Midwestern-Southern drawl. I love it here but even now it’s too cold, so the only way to go for me is further South! We have friends in Northern Viriginia and of course Atlanta is great. Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to seeing what your goals are for bloggiesta!

  5. I’m aiming to write five reviews over the course of this weekend – I’m starting to get a large backlog of them and I desperately need to sort it out before it gets too out of hand. Good luck with reaching your Bloggiesta goals Tanya!

    1. Thanks so much Hollie, Good luck with your goals as well. It is certainly easy to get behind on writing reviews. My bloggiesta goals are becoming impacted by surprise company but glad to have them.

  6. Good luck with your bloggiesta goals this weekend! I’ve been following the Around the World in 80 Books group on goodreads and have gotten some great ideas and suggestions for a smaller world lit challenge I’m taking part in this year.

    1. Goodreads is a great source of book recommendations. I love reading world lit since I can’t afford or have the time to travel to every place I would possibly want to go! A book is a great way to get there! Look forward to visiting your blog and seeing what you’re up to this wknd! Good luck and thanks for stopping by Beth!

  7. Good luck with Bloggiesta this weekend Tanya. I’m also doing a reading the world challenge similar to yours and I love how you’ve already selected the books for each country. Good luck with it and I’m looking forward through your selections for countries I haven’t visited yet.

    1. Thanks Tanya. I certainly have a lot of ideas of what to read, now the challenge is getting through them. It is helpful to have my goals list all in one place. I saw your Olympics challenge and your world reading recommendations, added Daughter of Smoke & Bone I think on your recommendation.

      Look forward to seeing what you accomplish this weekend!

  8. Loved your review of ‘The World We Found”. I’ve never read it. I LOVED her “The Space Between Us” so much that I read it twice…then picked it for our book club and read it again a month later. That book is so beautiful. I can’t believe I missed this one! I’m definitely getting it!

    1. So glad you enjoyed my review of The World we Found. I have The Space Between Us on my to-read list. I’m going to have to make it a priority if you read it 3 times in 2 months! Wow! Maybe that would be a good idea for my book club and knock out two birds with one stone since it will qualify for my Around the World in 80 Books Challenge also.

      Thanks again for stopping by Dose of Reality! Really enjoying your blog as all certainly make me laugh!

  9. Dear Tanya,

    I really enjoyed reading your post and wish you all the best on your goals this weekend!

    My main focus will probably be on the book aspect of the blogathon (reading and catching up on reviews) as I am still trying to unwind from the technical aspects of last weekend!

    I read your review The World We Found and really enjoyed it – I think I’d like that book! I like your writing style. Which book blogging networks are you thinking of joining / do you currently belong to?

    Have a great weekend and hope to chat with you on Twitter throughout the weekend!

    Create With Joy

    1. Thanks for the visit and your kind words. I know I’ve still got a lot of adrenaline from the Blogathon as well. So many ideas and things I would like to work on. There is the Southern Book Bloggers ( network that I had come across months ago and put that on my list to join once I got more reviews up. I figured I would ask the other Bloggiesta participants if there were other networks they recommended. Of course, I am on Goodreads ( too which I am totally addicted and there are a lot of bloggers on there. Looking forward to talking with you tomorrow.

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