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My Life According to the Books I Read 2012

I found this book meme at Good Girl Gone Redneck and thought it was a fun way to recap the year and books I read. You can link up with other bloggers at The Happily Ever After…. Here we go…

My Life According to the Books I Read in 2012:

Describe yourself:
The Alchemyst by Michael Scott

How do you feel:
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Describe where you currently live:
I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith

If you could go anywhere, where would you go:
The Bay at Midnight by Diane Chamberlain

Your favorite form of transportation:
Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

Your best friend is:
The History of Love by Nicole Krauss

You and your friends are:
Strength in What Remains by Tracy Kidder

What’s the weather like:
Before the Storm by Diane Chamberlain

What is life to you:
Bel Canto by Ann Patchett

Favorite time of day:
The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway

Your fear:
The Lies We Told by Diane Chamberlain

What is the best advice you have to give:
Finish What You Start by Craig Copeland

Thought for the day:
Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me? by Mindy Kaling

How I would like to die:
The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

I am adding this one to the list. My family is:
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer

I read 34 books in 2012 and hope to reach my goal of 52 books in 2013 so I have more titles to choose from for next years recap link-up. I have linked some of my book reviews which are linked to my blog. It’s been a fun year and I’ve really developed my love for reading. Here’s hoping 2013 brings you joy, health, and lots of good books!

Don’t forget to link up or let me know in comments below what you read for 2012 for these categories.


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  2. what a unique meme. I found my way here from the book blogger challenge. glad i did! Many of the books you have listed here, i have only heard of. You make them all the more interesting. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, hope you find something you like! Let me know if you read something that I have recommended, would love to hear your thoughts. Happy reading!

  3. Wow what a cool meme idea! I haven’t seen this link-up before. Looks like you read a lot of great books in 2012! I loved Gone Girl (well in a it scared me, kept me up at night, and creeped me out kind of way), and Bel Canto is one of my favorite books.

    1. Hi Heather, thanks for stopping by and your comment. Gone Girl was eerily good. Normally i read in complete darkness with just my Kindle on but Gone Girl, I had to read it with the lights on at one point (yea, that made it no less creepy). I thought the meme was clever and creative also. Happy reading in 2013!

    1. Thanks willaful, it’s the perfect way to describe them and I love that we are incredibly close despite the noise :). I did enjoy I Capture the Castle. It dragged in places for me but overall Cassandra was a charming and enchanting narrator.

  4. That’s a great way to recap a year!
    I wish I’d read more books in 2012 🙂
    (note to self: get Gone Girl since every blog post that mentions books mentions that)

    1. Hi Alison, thanks. Yes, Gone Girl was great in a suspenseful, disturbing kind of way. It really kinda throws you for a loop and gets under your skin. With all the blogging advice goodness you offer on SITS, the adorable baby and toddler and the appendicitis, it’s no wonder you don’t have time to read! Hoping 2013 affords you more time to read for pleasure. Thanks for commenting!

  5. That is really cute with the book titles! Every book I read last year was pretty much about blogging so I couldn’t do this, lol. I would love to do something like this, though. Thanks for visiting me! I will be back for ideas on new books to read!

    1. Thanks Sheri for visiting and commenting. I just finished writing a review on The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, it was fabulous and I highly recommend reading that one!

    1. thanks for the encouragement. 30 books is great, i know how hard it is to find time. especially when reading is my hobby, at least its helping me find time for me. thanks as always for continuing to comment and join me on my journey.

  6. I love this idea. I didn’t read many books this last year, but I do hope to read a few more this year! Having 5 kids makes it hard to find time to read! Found you on SITS today.

    1. hi Sadie, thanks for stopping by and your comment. Wow, 5 kids? and i thought i was busy with 3 kids. Reading is about all i have energy for after my 3 are in bed. I also got a kindle paperwhite which glows in the dark so i can read in bed with the lights off…love it and definitely helps me steal some extra reading time. also easier on the eyes than reading on my ipad was. with that and audiobooks during my commute, I am able to squeeze more books in. Will stop by your blog soon!

    1. hi Shari Lynne, I thought it was clever the way Christine from happily ever after came up with the prompts. There were some hilarious lists from other bloggers too. It was a nice recap to the year and fun to think of the books title out of its context and manipulate it to fit the categories, a bit of a puzzle…and I love puzzles! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    1. Thanks Lisa. We share similar books and both top have 3 sons. I commented on your Star Horses post as the wife of a Star Wars superfan. It’s hard keeping some of those superhero and Star Wars movies away from the younger boys but there are some good lessons in them all. Hope you will be back to visit, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  7. Hi Tanya, great answer you had. Love your additional question about family, it reminds me of my own.
    Also thx for stopping by at my blog.
    Happy New Year and Happy Reading!!!

    1. Thanks Adis for stopping by and leaving a comment, I love to hear from readers. I like the challenges you’ve undertaken, as you can see I’ve got my work cut out for me in the challenges I have signed up for this year! Have a good day!

  8. I love your answers! So many good ones up there. I was actually just thinking the other day of adding some more prompts to next year’s list and I see you are one step ahead of me. Great prompt about ‘My family is’ and I love your answer. Do you mind if I make a note to add that to next year’s? I’ll credit you.

    Good luck meeting your goals in 2013! 🙂

    1. Hi Christine, of course you can add the family prompt and I always appreciate a credit back. Funny enough, the name of the book is what made me think that is a perfect description of my life with 3 sons and a husband who loves to play and rile them up! I am glad to have found your blog and love that you are living life happily ever after. Thanks for stopping by and your wonderful comment!

  9. Thank you. Not just for the shout out but for letting me know that my link was not there. I swear I posted it. Love sooooo many of the books you read this year. Bel Canto is a favorite and so is The History of Love. 🙂

    1. No problem Andrea, glad to help. We seem to enjoy similar books. I am always adding books you recommend on Goodreads to my own ever-growing TBR list! Thanks for visiting and commenting, Happy New Year!

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