Simplified Planner: Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy

The Simplified Planner is my favorite planner in my planner reviews for simplifying your life and schedule. Here’s everything you need to know about the Simplified Planner so you can decide if it’s worth your money.

Simplified Planners by Emily Ley: Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy. Simplified Planner reviews of the weekly and daily planners, Dapperdesk review, Simplified planner ideas, how to use your simplified planner, color coding in your Simplified Planner, Simplified planner vs day designer, simplified planner vs erin condren and more! Your one stop source for the Simplified Planners! #planners #productivity #momssmallvictories

Simplified Planner Reviews

Simplified planner reviews of the Weekly Simplified Planner, the Dapperdesk planner and the daily Simplified Planner

The Simplified Planner by Emily Ley is available in 3 options: the daily Simplified Planner, the weekly Simplified Planner and the Dapperdesk. I’ve written planner reviews for each planner because they are very different and all gorgeous!

Daily Simplified Planner Review: Clean and Colorful Planning to Simplify Your Home, Life and Mind – a coil bound planner with pops of color with a page per day for weekdays and Saturday and Sunday share a page (the bottom planner with the gold coil and thick colorful stripes in photo above)

Weekly Simplified Planner Review: Simplify Your Life and Schedule – a hardbound planner with pops of color with a page per week (the top planner with blue and white pinstripe cover in photo above)

Dapperdesk Review: Best Daily Planner for Working Moms and Dads and People with Busy Weekends – a bookbound planner with a soft vegan leather cover with a page per day for every day of the week (the blush pink planner in the middle of the stack in photo above)

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The daily Simplified Planner and the weekly Simplified Planner have “prep work” pages to help you simplify your planning routine. The prep work pages walk you through what worked last year, what didn’t work and establishing new weekly routines, and daily morning and evening routines (as shown in the photo above). The Dapperdesk planner does not have any of these prep work pages.

The Daily Simplified Planner Review. The 2019 2020 daily simplified planner pages has Saturday and Sunday sharing a page. Each day has a smaller section for what's happening in the day and to do's and Sunday includes 4 Weekly Prep items filled in that are Emily Ley' s recommendations for what to do to prep for the week ahead.

The daily Simplified Planner and the weekly Simplified Planner also has 4 preprinted tasks on Sunday (as shown in the photo above). These are the 4 things Emily Ley recommends for getting ready for the week ahead to make the week run smoother. (The Dapperdesk planner does not have any of these preprinted tasks on Sundays.)

The preprinted Sunday tasks help you simplify your planning because they are all things we need to do. Once you get in a good routine of doing these on Sunday, you can develop a solid habit.


The daily Simplified Planner and the weekly Simplified Planner have a Simplicity Challenge included in the prep work pages. The Simplicity Challenge includes a list of short, impactful and actionable tasks you can do to simplify your life. They are things we may not take the time to do but can make a difference, little by little when you add them up. The Dapperdesk planner does not have prep work pages so does not include the Simplicity Challenge.

The Daily Simplified Planner Review. The monthly calendar fits on 2 pages and has small pops of color, the previous month and next month's calendars at a glance and a Simplicity tip.

There are also Simplicity Tips at the top of all the monthly calendars in the daily Simplified Planner and the weekly Simplified Planner. Tasks may be the same as what’s written on the Simplicity Challenge on the prep work, but the little tip at the top of the calendar reminds you to do it! The Dapperdesk planner does not have the Simplicity tip at the top of the monthly calendars.

Free simplicity challenges on Instagram

how to use the simplified planner

How to track time and color code your tasks to meet your goals – I write about this in the daily review


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Daily Simplified Planner vs Weekly Simplified Planner

simplified planner vs day designer

Daily Simplified Planner vs Day Designer comparison

simplified planner vs erin condren

The Simplified Planner and Erin Condren planners are both great planners and have high quality paper but very different in styles and variety of planners.

The Simplified Planners are right for you if:

  • you like small pops of bright color
  • you want Simplicity tips in your planner and reminders in your email for how to simplify your life
  • you like prep work pages to help you develop effective routines
  • you need a smaller or book bound weekly planner
  • you get overwhelmed by too many choices (3 planner styles to choose from and a few covers in each)
  • you want ample space on your daily pages for your schedule, to do list and notes

The Erin Condren planners are right for you if:

  • you like more graphics, style and design in your planner
  • you like being able to customize your planner (layout, personalized cover, color scheme, additional pages).
  • you are inspired by the creativity of the community of Erin Condren fans (be careful not to fall into the comparison trap though, you do you!)
  • you like having a wide variety of planners and styles to choose from and combine together for your perfect productivity system

simplified planner on website vs simplified planner at target

The signature Simplified Planner is only available on Emily Ley’s website. The signature Simplified Planner:

  • has better paper quality (if you like using gel pens, I’d recommend the signature planners)
  • has better binding quality (pages are easier to turn in the coil bound planners)
  • is more expensive
  • can only be ordered online
  • has matching notebooks for the covers

The Simplified Planner on Amazon, Target or Office Depot:

  • has thinner paper quality which means there will be heavier shadowing/possibly bleed through if you like gel pens
  • is less expensive
  • has a binder option not available in the signature line
  • has different coordinating accessories with different cover options than signature line

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best pens to use in the Simplified Planner

I talk about best pens to use in my Daily Simplified Planner review

simplified planner free printables

Simplified Planner free printables

Are the Simplified Planners restocked once they are sold out?

No! You have to get the Simplified Planners when they first go on sale. Once they run out of a particular cover or planner, they are gone for good. They change cover styles as well year to year so you can’t be sure the same cover will be available.

Their products and accessories like notebooks, stickers, pens, etc. may be restocked but not the planners themselves.

What is the Simplified Planners refund policy?

Simplified Planners Return Policy

what are the pros and cons of the Simplified Planner?

See pros and cons of the Daily Simplified Planner here

See pros and cons of the Weekly Simplified Planner here

See pros and cons of the Dapperdesk Planner here

How do you use the Daily simplified Planner and the weekly simplified planner together?

I feel best when I can use a weekly layout to see an overview of and plan out my week and a daily to track what actually need to be/gets done.

You can read more about how I use the weekly Simplified Planner and Daily Simplified together here.

what are the differences in the daily simplified planner vs the dapperdesk planner?

Check out the differences between the Daily Simplified Planner and Dapperdesk Planner here.

Is the Simplified Planner Worth It?

Yes, if you commit to using it! I always say planners are worth it if you use it and it helps you manage your busy life. We have so much stress carried around in the tasks we have weighing on our minds. So planners really help get those tasks out of our heads and into a manageable system. So we can get things done and have more fun!

The Simplified Planners in particular are lovely for their simple and minimalist design with just a few pops of color. They allow you to write down what you need to, when you need it and you aren’t constrained by a lot of unfilled boxes.