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Staying Organized on Book Bloggers International

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How do you stay organized with your blogging goals? Do you use a paper system, an app, an online calendar or a combination of tools?

Check out Book Bloggers International for their Book Bloggers Staying Organized post today where a couple of us share our favorite organizing tools.

Thanks Tif from Tif Talks Booksfor inviting me to participate and share ways that help me get organized.

Book Bloggers International (BBI) showcases book bloggers from all over the world and shares tips on improving your book blog. It’s an invaluable free network and resource and I am glad to have joined. In case you missed my feature day on BBI like I did, get to know a little more about me here.

Be sure to visit BBI and see how other book bloggers stay organized, join their network and the fun of getting to know other book lovers! What are your favorite tools to stay organized with your blogging goals? 

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  1. Organized? Blogging goals? System? Yikes, I think I am missing the boat here! lol

    I have a hard time fitting blogging in with so many other urgencies – other writing goals plus being a mom, taking care of myself and my family, etc. I sometimes think of all the extra time I would have if I gave up my 3 blogs, but I do really enjoy writing them and interacting with other bloggers.

    Maybe I need to set aside some time to get organized – I will go and check out your tips!

    Thanks for the inspiration – again!


    Book By Book

    Live with CFS

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