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How a Summer Bullet Journal for Kids Saved My Sanity

I adore my kids, I really do. But as summer approaches, I go through a little panic attack about keeping my 3 active, energetic boys entertained all summer long. Trying to juggle a starting a work from home business with a chronic illness called Rheumatoid Arthritis that often limits my energy,  I worry that I won’t be able to keep them busy. And the last thing I want is to deprive them of a fun and memorable summer because of my dream job or condition.

Prevent your kids' summer slide and boredom and save your sanity this summer. Learn how to make a summer bullet journal for kids they can fill up with productive and entertaining ideas that will keep them busy all summer long. This simple bullet journal for kids can be made using any notebooks you have lying around the house and kids will love creating and customizing their own journal. #summerfun #bulletjournal #bulletjournalforkids #momssmallvictories


So last summer, I came up with the perfect solution: a summer bullet journal for kids. Being the planner and productivity addict that I am, I adapted the bullet journal technique for them and taught them how to use it to keep track of the things they needed to do and the summer bucket list ideas they wanted to check off.



How a Summer Bullet Journal for Kids saved my sanity by Mom's Small Victories. A kids bullet journal is easy to put together using leftover school supplies you probably already have at home.


How a Summer Bullet Journal for kids Ssved My Sanity. This simple chore and activities chart kept my kids busy during the day so they never had to ask "what can we do now?"


Surprisingly, the bullet journal kept them productive and entertained all summer long. They added their own ideas to it and it became a fun keepsake to look back on. I was able to save my sanity, they had fun and learned something about planning, productivity and time management too. I was amazed at how well it worked! And you know what, they actually WANTED to read and write without me nagging them!!!


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It was a simple technique and completely free to get started since we have a TON of half used notebooks that we could repurpose into something they loved to work in. So with summer break approaching, we started building this year’s summer bullet journal for kids and I had to share it with you.



Head on over to my blogging friend Rachel’s blog, Smart Mom Smart Ideas, and read my How My Summer Bullet Journal for Kids Saved My Sanity post where I give you:

  • what bullet journaling is and how to get started
  • the surprising benefits of this summer bullet journal for kids (including how it encouraged them to read and write more and prevent summer slide) and 
  • plenty of pictures of our bullet journals and ideas to get you started on yours! 


I’m hoping this year that the kids enjoy it enough so that we can make the bullet journal for kids an all year tool. I really loved how the summer bullet journal for kids gave them some independence and accountability, ended their complaints about being bored and totally SAVED my sanity! No expensive summer camp needed when Camp Mom is more fun with the help of this simple tool you can build with supplies you already have on hand.  


What will you include in your summer bullet journal? What’s on your Summer Bucket List? Let’s share ideas in the comments! 


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How a Summer Bullet Journal for Kids Saved my Sanity. The summer bullet journal for kids is a simple and inexpensive tool to keep kids productive and entertained all summer long.

Snag this free, simple and effective secret to keep your kids reading and writing in summer while saving your sanity and curing summer boredom.

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  1. This sounds like such a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Encouraging Hearts and Home. Pinned.

  2. This sounds like an amazing idea. I probably should implement this in my kids daily lives. This way they can track what all they’ve accomplished throughout the day and what still needs to be done. I believe they’d appreciate this. Thank you for sharing with us this tip.

    1. Thanks Crystal, I’m so glad you found this helpful. At the end of the summer, I think i need to keep this going all year long but I fizzle out with everything the kids have going on. But it helps them and me keep our sanity!

  3. I don’t have school-aged children, but this sounds like a great idea to keep everyone from going crazy over summer! Stopping by from This is How We Roll link up. 🙂

    1. You’re welcome, I’m so so glad you like it! Tell me how it goes and what you and he are up to! Wish you lived closer, he’d fit right in with my crew.

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