Travel the World in Books Reading Challenge

Welcome to our Travel the World in Books Reading Challenge. I love to travel but with a family of 5, it costs us a small fortune. So I started this reading challenge with Fictional 100 and Guiltless Reading   to encourage book lovers to read books from other countries and cultures. Whether you are traveling to an exotic island or to a country on the opposite side of the world, it’s easy and frugal to travel the world in books with us! The best part of our challenge is there are no rules…you choose your own adventure! 


Travel the World in Books Reading Challenge encourages you to read books from other countries and cultures. Where in the world will your reading take you? Hosted by Mom's Small Victories, Fictional 100 and Guiltless Reading.


The Goal

Travel the world in books, of course! Expand your horizons and read books set in or written by authors from countries and cultures Visit as many different countries in books as you wish. 


The “Rules”

And the “rules” are simply this…YOU choose your own adventure! These are your goals but you can change them any time. Here are some ways you can participate and share your wonderful worldwide reads with us.

1. Determine length of time you will participate in the challenge. Just one month, An entire season, a year or 5 years?

2. Determine how many countries you would like to read about during your adventure. What criteria are you using to determine the number of countries you read about (ex. book setting, author background or both)?

3. How will you track the countries you visited in books? You could create a map in Google Maps, track on your blog or on a Goodreads shelf.

4. Determine your book list or genre if you like. Will you be listing specific books you would like to read? Do you aim to read fiction, nonfiction or a mixture of both?

5. Link up your posts. Linkies are available for sign up/goals, wrap up, and a linky for each continent for you to add your book reviews whenever you are done reading, add them here:

Sign up and share your goals!  Need some inspiration? Here are my goals and what I’ve read since starting this challenge.

Africa Book Reviews Link Up

Antarctica Book Reviews Link Up

Asia Book Reviews Link Up

Australia and New Zealand Book Reviews Link Up

Europe Book Reviews Link Up

North America Book Reviews Link Up

South America Book Reviews Link Up

Book Maps and Reading Summaries Linkup

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We’re here to encourage you to read around the world with us. Here are the events we’ve had so far and we’ve got some great ideas for 2017! 


Sept 2014 – Travel the World in Books Readathon
November 2014 – Waiting for Snow in Havana Readalong (Cuba)


January 2015 –Poisonwood Bible Readalong (Belgian Congo/Zaire)
February 2015 – Foodie February – read books featuring the world’s best food!
March 2015 – The Shadow of the Wind Readalong (Spain)
June 2015 – The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton Readalong (set in England mostly and a little in Australia, by an Australian author)
July/August 2015 – The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende Readalong (Chile)
October 2015 – Travel the World in Books Readathon #2
November 2015 – Nonfiction November


February 2016 – And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini Readalong (Afghanistan, France, USA, Greece)
March 2016 – An African In Greenland Readalong (Greenland, West Africa)
April 2016 – Read the Nobels – read a Nobel Prize winning author’s work from around the world.
May 2016 – Travel in Books to Russia
June 2016 – Island Adventure – read any book(s) set on any island from around the world


January 2017 – Baby, It’s Cold Outside! Cozy up with a Wintry Read from Around the World and Goodreads group discussion
February 2017 – Classics and Historical Fiction in Goodreads group
March 2017 – North Africa setting and North African authors and Goodreads March 2017 group discussion
April 2017 – Read the Nobels and Goodreads April 2017 discussion
Summer 2017 – Read Big Books and Goodreads summer 2017 discussion
September 2017 – Magic, Murder and Mayhem and Goodreads Sept 2017 discussion


Stay tuned!

That’s it, are you ready to travel the world in books with us? Grab the button below, say “arrivederci”, “bon voyage”, “sayonara” and enjoy your travels in books!


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