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Be Our Guest Friday {9}: Always with a Book and Reading with Kids


Welcome to Be Our Guest Fridays!

Be Our Guest Fridays is a weekly feature hosted by Tanya from Mom’s Small Victories and Helen from My Novel Opinion where we feature guest posts by our favorite bloggers and authors. We started this feature as a fun way to give back to the blogging community. We are excited to share with you these creative, inspiring and knowledgeable bloggers.

My Co-Host Helen from My Novel Opinion

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Today’s Guest Post


It’s Helen’s turn today to share a Be Our Guest post and she’s hosting Kristin from Always with A Book. Kristin is talking about sharing her love of reading with her nieces and nephews. I’m excited to hear what Kristin has to say. I love to cultivate my own little bookworms, but I don’t really do this with my nieces and nephews. What a fun aunt she must be!

Encouraging a love of reading in kids is becoming one of those causes I champion. I have loved watching my kids’ love for books grow with each book we read or discuss together on our quest to read 1,000 books together. I love seeing their insatiable appetite when it comes to checking out books from the library, “just one more book mommy, please!” they inevitably exclaim. The wonder and attention they pay when they are mesmerized by a book. When they can’t wait to share how a book made them feel or draw something that a book inspired them to create.

I wish more kids loved to read and I really want to volunteer or help advocate literacy. Stop by Kristin’s guest post and see how she is Sharing the love of reading with Her Nieces and Nephews.

How do you encourage kids to love reading? What do you do for volunteering or to encourage kids in your community to read? Your ideas are always welcome! Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Our son loves to read. Each night my husband and I each read a book to him and then Lucas reads his own book. I even created a reading corner for him in his bedroom. 🙂

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